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Band: Desire

Producer: Alma Mater

Place: Lisbon

Spot: RCA Club

Duration (min.): 02:30m

Interval: Yes

Age Rating: M/16

RCA Club, Lisbon 16/12/2017

Unique and unrepeatable concert. 4 types of tickets available:
- Ticket - 8€
- Ticket  + CD Digipack - 10€
- Ticket  + 2LP Vinyl Black - 17€
- Ticket  + 2LP Vinyl Gold - SOLD OUT

"When we entered at the Rec ‘n’ Roll Studio, back in July ’95, our conviction was to simply record a demo-tape, in the old cassette format.
It was something beyond our expectations and completely unaware that “Infinity…” will became our first full length album.
We we’re conscious that won’t be a ‘easy-listening’ album for the public, once its aesthetics, wrapping and musical approach, but for our surprise, gradually gained recognition and compliments for its peculiar and unique style, becoming a reference and a cult album, within the spectrum we move musically.
It is with uttermost satisfaction that twenty years after its original edition, we can see it re-released through Alma Mater Records.
With this re-edition, “Infinity… A Timeless Journey Through An Emotional Dream” has definitely acquired a deserved place in history."

Bilhete Electrónico obrigatória a troca por pulseira no dia / local.
Entrega CD | VINIL : no dia / local / bilheteira


Located: RCA Club

R. João Saraiva 7, 1700-051 Lisboa

21 197 2610

Tickets Available

At the moment tickets are not available for sale.

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