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Moita Metal Fest 2019


Producer: AACPDEA

Place: Moita

Spot: Pavilhão Municipal De Exposições

Duration (min.): 48h

Interval: Yes

Age Rating: M/6

5th and 6th of April 2019
Moita, Portugal

Free indoor camping for any ticket.

 Moita Metal Fest takes place in the village of Moita on the south bank of Tejo river.
The 16th edition of this already considered one of the most iconic music festivals in the country has scheduled dates for April 5 and 6 and already has the poster defined.
There are 19 bands that will pass through the tent installed in the Largo do Pavilhão Municipal de Exposições to delight all the festival people that year after year make this weekend one of the most striking in terms of heavier sonorities.

The poster of 2019 brings from Germany the thrashers Destruction, one of the biggest names in thrash metal at European level; the Polish band Decapitated with their death metal of choice; Extreme Noise Terror, a classic band that needs no presentatiom; the Swedish contingent composed of legendary punk rockers No Fun At All, Enforcer with their high quality speed / heavy metal and the crossover masters Dr. Living Dead.
The national production is again present in force, as is customary in the Moita Metal Fest with the Cannibal Holocaust, Gwydion, Grog, Simbiose, Gaerea, Article 21, The Voynich Code, Irae, Diabolical Mental State, Mindtaker, Infraktor, Moonshade and Dream Pawn Shop.

Passes for the 2-day festival can be purchased in the following ways:
- Ticket 2 days + Official MMF T-Shirt
- 40,00€ until 31.12.2018
- 45,00 until 28.03.2019
- Ticket 2 days (without tshirt included)
- 30,00€ up to 31.12.2018
- 35,00€ until 28.03.2019

Daily tickets will only be available at the festival ticket office and cost € 20 for Friday and € 23 for Saturday. Electronic Ticket: mandatory on-site / day / ticket validation, for exchange by festival bracelet; compulsory presentation of the ticket in paper or electronic form (PDF).
Delivery Tshirt: on the day, upon ticket validation

Located: Pavilhão Municipal De Exposições

2860, Largo Dr. Joaquim Marques Elias 5, Moita, Portugal

Tickets Available

2 Days Pass Festival: 35,00 €  |  Availability: Available
2 Days Pass Festival + Tshirt MMF2019 (Girlie): 45,00 €  |  Availability: Available
2 Days Pass Festival + Tshirt MMF2019 (Man): 45,00 €  |  Availability: Available
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