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Okkultist || Release Show, Lisbon


Band: Okkultist + Infraktor

Producer: Alma Mater

Place: Lisbon

Spot: RCA Club

Duration (min.): 02:00h

Interval: Yes

Age Rating: M/16

Okkultist || Release Show, Lisbon
Special Guests: Infraktor
RCA Club, Lisbon, 22:30m

Tickets available:
- Ticket + CD "Reinventing Evil": 10€
- Ticket + CD "Reinventing Evil" + Tshirt "Logo" : 22€

, the Portuguese upcoming Death Metal beasts, will release their hotly anticipated debut album "Reinventing Evil" on the 15th of March, 2019.

The album was produced by Pedro Paixão (Moonspell) and the band, tracked at Poison Apple Studios in Lisbon and amazingly mixed by Tue Madsen (Meshuggah, Moonspell, The Haunted).

With a total of 9 rabid and brutal songs - including "Satan is my Master", Bathory cover - the band's debut will see the light of the day via Moonspell's Fernando Ribeiro ALMA MATER RECORDS in CD Digipack edition.  Furthermore the evil spell and album tracklist will read as follows:

CD, Tracklist
1. Reinventing Evil
2. Back from the Dead
3. Sniff the Blood
4. Sign of the Ripper
5. I am the Beast
6. Grave Digger
7. Plasmodium Nocturnus
8. Rise and Reign
9. Satan is my Master (Bathory)

Bilhete Electrónico Letsgo.pt: obrigatória validação no local / dia / bilheteira; obrigatória apresentação do bilhete em formato papel ou electrónico (PDF).
Entrega CD / Tshirt: no dia / porta / dia.

Located: RCA Club

R. João Saraiva 7, 1700-051 Lisboa

21 197 2610

Tickets Available

At the moment tickets are not available for sale.

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