Soen (Porto, 30/03)

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Soen (Porto, 30/03)

Soen (Porto, 30/03)


Band: Soen

Producer: Free Music - Unipessoal, Lda

Place: Porto

Spot: Hard Club, Sala 2

Duration (min.): 03:00h

Interval: Yes

Age Rating: M/06

SOEN + Guests
Sábado, 30 Março´2018
Hard Club , Porto

Soen are returning in 2019 with a new record and with a new tour!
On February 1st 2019, Swedish-based progressive metal group Soen will release their 4th album, Lotus, via Silver Lining Music. On March 30th - Saturday, Hard Club - Porto will host them and on the next day, March 31th they travel to Lisbon to play in RCA Club. With the 2017 shows still on our memories, we cannot wait for the continuous growth of this amazing band. The genious Martin Lopez and fellow partners in Soen will deliver for sure one more brilliant album.
For these shows, Soen will bring special guests, to be announced soon.

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Located: Hard Club, Sala 2

Rua do Infante D. Henrique, 4050 Porto


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