Under the Doom 2019 - Day 2 (07/12)

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Under the Doom 2019 - Day 2 (07/12)

Under the Doom 2019 - Day 2 (07/12)


Producer: Notredame Productions

Place: Lisbon

Spot: RCA Club

Duration (min.): 04:00h

Interval: Yes

Age Rating: M/16

Under The Doom
Day 2 - 07/12/2019
Valor: 30€
Local: RCA Club 
Bandas:  Alcest (Fr), Daylight Dies (USA), Solstice (Uk), Darkher (uk), Ardours (Pt/It), Consecration (uk), Wells Valley (Pt)

Bilhete Electrónico Letsgo.pt: obrigatória validação no local / dia / bilheteira; obrigatória apresentação do bilhete em formato papel ou electrónico (PDF).

Located: RCA Club

R. João Saraiva 7, 1700-051 Lisboa

21 197 2610

Tickets Available

At the moment tickets are not available for sale.

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